Stay On Top Of These Home Maintenance Tasks

Dated: 02/10/2017

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As a home owner, you’re now responsible for the maintenance and repairs to your home.  No more calling the landlord to fix things around the home. To avoid costly repairs, stay on top of your home maintenance with these great tips from home repair specialists.

1. Prevent Frozen Pipes

You can’t control the weather, but you can control the effect cold temperatures have on your pipes. Follow this advice the next time the temperature plummets:

a.  Let a few faucets trickle. Moving water resists freezing.

b.  Set your thermostat no lower than 55 degrees, even if you’re out of town.

c.  Open under-sink cabinets to let warm air circulate around the pipes.

d.  Wrap exposed pipes with electrical heat tape.

e.  Insulate vulnerable pipes with foam insulation.

2. Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

3. Deep Clean After Repairs

After hiring a home repair specialist, your home will often have a lot of dust and sediment leftover from the work that was done. Many homeowners don’t bother to do a deep clean of the area afterward, but you really should.

4. Establish a Home Maintenance Schedule

Start a home maintenance schedule that includes monthly preventative tasks to keep things running efficiently, such as:

a. Drain the hot water heater once a year

b. Clean the duct at the back of the dryer from flammable lint

c. Trim shrubs to create free air flow around the air conditioning unit

d. Replace air filters four times a year

5. Do Big Repair and Renovation Projects in the Winter

The months of December, January and February are the best months to get any home-improvement projects done.  Calling contractors to come out and look at your job during the slow part of the season increases your chances that you get their best pricing and the best execution of your project.

6. Prevent Severe Damage to Home Systems with Surge Protection

Many homeowners assume surge protection entails plugging valuable appliances into a surge protection strip. Unfortunately, the protection afforded by a power strip is minimal and leaves many valuable appliances at risk.  Washers, dryers and even refrigerators contain circuit boards that can be ruined by lightning strikes or other surges.

Homeowners who fail to properly protect their home from surges can be hit with thousands of dollars in damage. Whole home surge protection is not only a fairly quick process, but also a cost effective one.

7. Change Garage Door Remotes 

When closing on a new home, it could be a security concern having remote control garage door openers.  For security, it’s not a bad idea to reset the programming. This will clear any remote or keypad linked to the motor and would be similar to changing the locks on your entry doors.

8. Take Care of Your Deck

Follow these tips from to keep your deck safe and in top shape.
a.  Avoid using firepits on any deck

b.  Don’t place indoor/outdoor carpeting on a waterproof deck—this will trap water against it for extended periods and risk damaging the coating.

c.  Put plants up on pot feet to allow water to drain.

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Stay On Top Of These Home Maintenance Tasks

As a home owner, you’re now responsible for the maintenance and repairs to your home.  No more calling the landlord to fix things around the home. To avoid costly repairs, stay on

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